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Agera Deep Cleansing Salicyclic Wash 180ml

  • Product Code: Agera Deep Cleansing Salicyclic Wash 180ml
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DEEP CLEANSING SALICYLIC CLEAN is a restorative facial cleanser for oily and acne breakouts susceptible skin. The wash is a non-abrasive, low-irritation formula, pH balanced to suit the pH of skin. SALICYLIC CLEAN may be utilized as exfoliating facial cleanser for
normal skin disease. Contains Stimulysin for anti-microbial/anti-bacterial impacts.
Size: 180 ml 60z

- Has maximum permitted salicylic Acid concentration (1.8 %).
- Leaves skin sensation soft as well as trained.
- Deep cleanses to assist manage issue skin condition.
- Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial results marketed by stimulysin.
- Mild exfoliation.
- Suitable for overloaded backs and also breast areas.

Suitable for pimples, oily, blackheads whiteheads as well as bigger pores.

Use daily or intermittent day.
Lower frequency if iitataion happens.
Put on moist skin and gently massage therapy in circular activity. Rinse extensively.

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